Interdistrict Conference - IDK 2022

Sunday, June 26, 2022 10:00 - 23:55 , Belvoir Rowing Club, Mythenquai 85 8002 Zurich
  • Michele Serra
  • Jonas Frieg

Dear Fellow Rotaractors, Dear Rotarians, Dear Guests, Dear Friends,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the 2022 edition of our President Meeting (PM) and Interdistrict Conference (IDK) on Sunday, the 26th of June. This year, the conference will be held in Zurich at the shore of the Lake Zurich.

All Members and Guests of the three Districts are invited. Incoming, current, and past Presidents are highly encouraged to participate and only extraordinary excuses are accepted. 

A detailed plan of the event is provided below.


Michele Serra, Country Representative

Jonas Frieg, President of the CRSL

President Meeting

The President Meeting (PM) will take place at 10 am in the Auditorium Hörsaal OST of the University Hospital Zurich. The Auditorium is accessible from the Gloriastrasse 29 / B10 8091 Zürich. Directions can be found at

The venue can be easily reached by public transportation from the train station with the Tram 6 and 10. The tram stations are Platte and ETH/Universitätsspital, respectively. If you travel by car, a parking lot is located at 100 m of the venue:

The PM is mandatory for all CRSL board members and all current and elected Rotaract club presidents of the Districts 1980, 1990, and 2000. An unjustified absence will be reported to the respective District Governor. It is possible to nominate a delegate of the club. However, this must be organised in good time and be approved by the CRSL board. Online participation is allowed only in highly justified cases and must be discussed beforehand.

Arrival at the venue is expected between 9.30 am and 10 am. Coffee and croissants will be provided at the cafeteria next to the Auditorium.

The meeting will open at 10 am with a welcome speech of the CRSL president, Mr. Jonas Frieg, and of the Country Representative, Mr. Michele Serra.

In the first part of the PM, all presidents or their delegates will present the current situation of their clubs. They will argument within five minutes the current status, events, projects, successes, and struggles. Currently, 19 Rotaract clubs are active in the CRSL. Therefore, 95 minutes are planned for this session. A break of 15 minutes will be announced in between. Aim of this session is to encourage the exchange between clubs. It is important to remember that we are all part of the same organisation and we work together to a common goal, friendship and service. We need to make this spirit ours and bring it back to the members of our club. Look to your right, look to your left, surround yourself of unfamiliar faces and be great. What the CRSL needs the most in this moment is to rediscover itself.

At the end of the meeting, approximately at 12 pm, we will move to the location of the Interdistrict Conference (IDK), the Belvoir Rowing Club.


Lunch will take place at the Belvoir Rowing Club. The Club can be easily reached from the train station with the tram 7. The tram station is Brunaustrasse. If you come by car, in front of the club, the parking lot Mythenquai is also available. Parking on Sunday is free.

Lunch will be self-organised. The club house offers a fully furnished kitchen and a barbecue. However, given the possible high number of participants and the proximity of the city center, food delivery is a highly recommended option. For one day, this is your house and you share it. Interact with each other, work together, and agree on a solution. You have almost two hours for it.

In case of nice weather, we can eat on the green in front of the club house. On the right of the house, there are enough trees to offer repair from the sunlight for everyone. Banks can be placed around according to personal preferences. In the unfortunate case of bad weather, we will eat in the common room of the club house.

Take this opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new ones. You might have an idea for a future event or project, or need a roomie for the next international event.

Please, upon arrival at the club house, take a picture of yourself with the Polaroid, write your name on the picture, and hang it on the white board. This will help everyone to remember your name. This was Boris' wish.

Beware, access to the boat hanger is strictly forbidden!

Interdistrict Conference

The Inter-district Conference (IDK) will take place in the common room of the Belvoir Rowing Club. It will start at 2 pm with a welcome speech of the CRSL president, Mr. Jonas Frieg, and of the Country Representative, Mr. Michele Serra.

The word will then be given to Ms. Bea Seiterle, Governor 21/22 of the District 2000. The Governor will share her message to us. This is a good opportunity for the members of the D2000, but also for all other clubs, to interact with the Governor and develop new strategies for finding support in the Rotary Clubs. Share ideas and customise them to your own needs. Do not forget to foster the relationship with the Rotary Clubs. This is extremely important for the local development of your clubs.

At 2.25 pm, the next international events and Swiss charter celebrations will be presented.

At 2.30 pm, Polaris, the common information system of Rotary Switzerland Liechtenstein will be presented. Polaris is not an optional feature of your club file. It is a system which coordinates all informations of our three Districts with Rotary International. The system facilitate your clubs to fulfil all requirements of the new directives of Rotary International. Failure to adopt Polaris in your club life will results in consequences. These range from fines to closure of the club. Few examples of noncompliance are failure to report current and elected board and current members, failure to report personal information of club members, and failure to upload club events and projects. For your information, Polaris is connected to an automatised statistical system that allows Rotary International and us, the CRSL, to assess your club performance. Actions can be taken according to the assessed performance.

A detailed explanation on how Polaris works is not possible within the timeframe of the IDK. Therefore, at the following link, you can find a workshop on how to use Polaris: The link is protected with a password. To be granted access, you can send an email to

At 3 pm a break will be granted and the conference will resume after 15 minutes, at 3.15 pm.

At 3.15 pm, the three District Rotaract Representative (DRR) will be given ten minutes each to present a report of their districts. The DRRs will reveal the elected DRRs and DDRRs for the Rotarian year 22/23.

At 4 pm, the candidates for the open positions of the CRSL board will be given five minutes each to present themselves and support their candidature. For each candidate, up to ten minutes of questions are available. After a ten minutes break, voting for the new CRSL board members will open. The new CRSL board for the Rotarian year 22/23 will be announced at the conclusion of the voting.

At 5 pm an open-mic session will be open for 30 minutes. If you would like to book a slot, send an email and the planed presentation to

In case of important topics that need to be added to the main agenda of the conference, please communicate this by email to These will be included as much as possible into the agenda.

Additional activities

Swimming and sunbathing

You have the entire surface of the Lake of Zurich at your disposal. Be free and enjoy the water. In a sunny day, you can also enjoy the calm of the Mythenquai on the private green in front of the club house. Do not forget the sun cream!


After the successful first edition of "Row-taracting" at the Wohlensee in September 2021, it is time to hold the oars and push those legs again. No experience is needed for this activity. 

The activity will be coordinated with the responsible person of recreational activity of the Belvoir Rowing Club. According to the number of participants, a participation fee might apply. More information about the price will follow after the number of participants will be clear. Registration is not binding until one week before the event.

Midsommer Party at Nordiska

The Midsommer Party will take place at the Nordiska Rowing Club on Saturday the 25th of June. The day before the PM/IDK. The Nordiska is located at the Mythenquai 79, 8002 Zürich, just few doors north from Belvoir.

The Midsommer Party is a very renowned tradition of the Nordiska Rowing Club. The organisation of this party is independent from the CRSL and not exclusive. However, Rotaract has a bond to and many memories at Nordiska that probably only the dinosaurs among us can still remember. Well, join the Jurassic crew and have fun. More information can be found at

If you come from another canton and would like to spend the night in Zurich, send an email to and we will organise a Rotaract Couch for you.


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